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Having the qualities of meal; resembling meal; soft, dry, and friable; easily reduced to a condition resembling meal; as, a mealy potato.

  1. Resembling meal in texture or consistency; granular: mealy potatoes.
  2. Made of or containing meal.
  3. Sprinkled or covered with meal or a similar granular substance.
  4. Flecked with spots; mottled.
  5. Lacking healthy coloring; pale: "I only know two sorts of boys. Mealy boys, and beef-faced boys” ( Charles Dickens).
  6. Mealy-mouthed.

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മാവുപോലെയുള്ള - Maavupoleyulla | Mavupoleyulla ;മൃദുവായ - Mrudhuvaaya | Mrudhuvaya ;മെലിഞ്ഞ - Melinja ;മൃദുഭാഷിയായ - Mrudhubhaashiyaaya | Mrudhubhashiyaya ;പൊടിയായ - Podiyaaya | Podiyaya ;ചക്കരവാക്കുപറയുന്ന - Chakkaravaakkuparayunna | Chakkaravakkuparayunna ;

പൊടിയായ - Podiyaaya | Podiyaya ;സത്യം പറയാൻ മടിയുള്ള - Sathyam Parayaan Madiyulla | Sathyam Parayan Madiyulla ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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