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A quantity or coefficient, or constant, which expresses the measure of some specified force, property, or quality, as of elasticity, strength, efficiency, etc.; a parameter.

  1. Physics A quantity that expresses the degree to which a substance possesses a property, such as elasticity.
  2. Mathematics The absolute value of a complex number.
  3. A number by which two given numbers can be divided and produce the same remainder.
  4. The number by which a logarithm in one system must be multiplied to obtain the corresponding logarithm in another system.

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× വീതം - Veetham
× മാപനാങ്കം - Maapanaankam | Mapanankam
× തിരുത്തുക - Thiruththuka | Thiruthuka
× പ്രമാണം - Pramaanam | Pramanam


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