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Of or pertaining to a mass of matter; -- said of the properties or motions of masses, as distinguished from those of molecules or atoms.

  1. Chemistry Relating to or designating a solution that contains one mole of solute per liter of solution.
  2. Chemistry Containing one mole of a substance.
  3. Physics Of or relating to a body of matter as a whole, perceived apart from molecular or atomic properties.
  4. A tooth with a broad crown used to grind food, located behind the premolars.
  5. Of or relating to the molars.
  6. Capable of grinding.

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× കടവായ്പ്പല്ല് - Kadavaayppallu | Kadavayppallu
× നനഞ്ഞ - Nananja
× ചാണപ്പല്ല് - Chaanappallu | Chanappallu
× ചവര്‍വണ ദന്തം - Chavar‍vana Dhantham


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