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The quantity of motion in a moving body, being always proportioned to the quantity of matter multiplied into the velocity; impetus.

  1. Physics A measure of the motion of a body equal to the product of its mass and velocity. Also called linear momentum.
  2. Impetus of a physical object in motion.
  3. Impetus of a nonphysical process, such as an idea or a course of events: The soaring rise in interest rates finally appeared to be losing momentum.
  4. Philosophy An essential or constituent element; a moment.

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× പിണ്ഡം എന്നിവയുടെ ഉല്പന്നം. ബഹുവചനം : momenta - Pindam Ennivayude Ulpannam. Bahuvachanam : Momenta
× ആക്കം - Aakkam | akkam
× ആക്കം - ഒരു വസ്തുവിന്റെ പ്രവേഗം - Aakkam - Oru Vasthuvinte Pravegam | akkam - Oru Vasthuvinte Pravegam
× ഗതി - Gathi
× ഊക്കം - Ookkam
× ക്ഷണിക - Kshanika
× ചലനശക്തി - Chalanashakthi
× ആയം - Aayam | ayam


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