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A wind blowing part of the year from one direction, alternating with a wind from the opposite direction; -- a term applied particularly to periodical winds of the Indian Ocean, which blow from the southwest from the latter part of May to the middle of September, and from the northeast from about the middle of October to the middle of December.

  1. A wind system that influences large climatic regions and reverses direction seasonally.
  2. A wind from the southwest or south that brings heavy rainfall to southern Asia in the summer.
  3. The rain that accompanies this wind.

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കാലവർഷം - Kaalavarsham | Kalavarsham ;ചാകര - Chaakara | Chakara ;വര്‍ഷാരംഭം - Var‍shaarambham | Var‍sharambham ;വർഷകാലം - Varshakaalam | Varshakalam ;വർഷാരംഭം - Varshaarambham | Varsharambham ;കാലവര്‍ഷക്കാറ്റ്‌ - Kaalavar‍shakkaattu | Kalavar‍shakkattu ;

വിരസത - Virasatha ;കാലവര്‍ഷം - Kaalavar‍sham | Kalavar‍sham ;വര്‍ഷകാലം - Var‍shakaalam | Var‍shakalam ;കാലവര്‍ഷക്കാറ്റ് - Kaalavar‍shakkaattu | Kalavar‍shakkattu ;ഏകസ്വരം - Ekasvaram | Ekaswaram ;


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