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A place where the bodies of persons found dead are exposed, that they may be identified, or claimed by their friends; a deadhouse.

  1. A place in which the bodies of persons found dead are kept until identified and claimed or until arrangements for burial have been made.
  2. A reference file in a newspaper or magazine office.

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× മൃതഗൃഹം - Mruthagruham
× ഏറെ - Ere
× ശവദർശനശാല - Shavadharshanashaala | Shavadharshanashala
× ശവദര്‍ശനശാല - Shavadhar‍shanashaala | Shavadhar‍shanashala
× ശവപ്പുര - Shavappura
× ഉപരി - Upari
× കൂടുതലായ - Kooduthalaaya | Kooduthalaya


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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