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  1. A recurrent thematic element in an artistic or literary work.
  2. A dominant theme or central idea.
  3. Music A short rhythmic or melodic passage that is repeated or evoked in various parts of a composition.
  4. A repeated figure or design in architecture or decoration. See Synonyms at figure.

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× വിഷയം - Vishayam
× പ്രധാന പ്രതിപദ്യം - Pradhaana Prathipadhyam | Pradhana Prathipadhyam
× പ്രധാനപ്രതിപാദ്യം - Pradhaanaprathipaadhyam | Pradhanaprathipadhyam
× പ്രതിപാദ്യം - Prathipaadhyam | Prathipadhyam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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