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A soft cover of cylindrical form, usually of fur, worn by women to shield the hands from cold.

  1. To perform or handle clumsily; bungle. See Synonyms at botch.
  2. Sports To fail to make (a catch).
  3. To perform an act clumsily.
  4. A clumsy or bungled action.
  5. Sports A failure to make a catch.
  6. A small cylindrical fur or cloth cover, open at both ends, in which the hands are placed for warmth.
  7. A cluster of feathers on the side of the face of certain breeds of fowl.
  8. Vulgar Slang The vulva.

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× മണ്ടൻ - Mandan
× തണുപ്പുകാലത്തുധരിക്കുന്ന ഉറ - Thanuppukaalaththudharikkunna Ura | Thanuppukalathudharikkunna Ura
× പിടുത്തം വിട്ടുപോകുക - Piduththam Vittupokuka | Pidutham Vittupokuka
× ജളന്‍ - Jalan‍
× താറുമാറാക്കുക - Thaarumaaraakkuka | Tharumarakkuka
× അവ്യക്തമായ - Avyakthamaaya | Avyakthamaya
× ജളൻ - Jalan
× പിടുത്തം വിട്ടുപോകുക - Piduththam Vittupokuka | Pidutham Vittupokuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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