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Meal (esp. Indian meal) boiled in water; hasty pudding; supawn.

  1. A thick porridge or pudding of cornmeal boiled in water or milk.
  2. Something thick, soft, and pulpy.
  3. Informal Mawkish sentimentality, affection, or amorousness.
  4. To reduce to mush; mash or crush.
  5. To travel, especially over snow with a dogsled.
  6. To drive (a dogsled or team of dogs).
  7. A journey, especially by dogsled.
  8. Used to command a team of dogs to begin pulling or move faster.

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× പുരാവസ്തു - Puraavasthu | Puravasthu
× കാഴ്ചബംഗ്ലാവ് - Kaazhchabamglaavu | Kazhchabamglavu


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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