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The number of ten thousand; ten thousand persons or things.

  1. Constituting a very large, indefinite number; innumerable: the myriad fish in the ocean.
  2. Composed of numerous diverse elements or facets: the myriad life of the metropolis.
  3. A vast number: the myriads of bees in the hive.
  4. Archaic Ten thousand.

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ബൃഹത്സംഖ്യ - Bruhathsamkhya ;അനവധി - അനവധി ;അസംഖ്യ - Asamkhya ;അനവധി - Anavadhi ;അസംഖ്യം - Asamkhyam ;അസംക്യം - Asamkyam ;

അനേകം - Anekam ;പതിനായിരം - Pathinaayiram | Pathinayiram ;അസംഖ്യം - അസംഖ്യം ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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