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Situated down or below; lying beneath, or in the lower part; having a lower position; belonging to the region below; lower; under; -- opposed to upper.

  1. Located beneath or below; lower or under: the nether regions of the earth.

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nether world അതലം - nether World Athalam ;അടിയിലുളള - Adiyilulala ;നാരകീയമായ - Naarakeeyamaaya | Narakeeyamaya ;അടിയിലുള്ള - Adiyilulla ;കീഴിലുള്ള - Keezhilulla ;അതലം - Athalam ;

a nether world നിതലം - a Nether World Nithalam ;കീഴിലുളള - Keezhilulala ;the Ganga of the nether world പാതാളവാഹിനി - the Ganga Of The Nether World Paathaalavaahini | the Ganga Of The Nether World Pathalavahini ;പാതാളസംബന്ധമായ - Paathaalasambandhamaaya | Pathalasambandhamaya ;താഴെയുള്ള - Thaazheyulla | Thazheyulla ;പാതാളസംബന്ധിയായ - Paathaalasambandhiyaaya | Pathalasambandhiyaya ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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