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A composition for eight parts, usually for eight solo instruments or voices.

  1. Music A composition for eight voices or eight instruments.
  2. Music A group of eight singers or eight instrumentalists.
  3. A group of eight: "A train of heavy wagons rumbled north on the Winnipeg Trail, drawn by octets of oxen” ( Garrison Keillor).
  4. See octave.
  5. A set of eight valence electrons in an atom or ion, forming a stable configuration.

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× എട്ടുഗായകര്‍ക്കു പാടാനുള്ള ഗാനം - Ettugaayakar‍kku Paadaanulla Gaanam | Ettugayakar‍kku Padanulla Ganam
× എട്ടുഗായകരുടെ കൂട്ടം - Ettugaayakarude Koottam | Ettugayakarude Koottam
× എട്ടുഗായകർക്കു പാടാനുള്ള ഗാനം - Ettugaayakarkku Paadaanulla Gaanam | Ettugayakarkku Padanulla Ganam


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