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In general, that which is set off, from, before, or against, something

  1. An agent, element, or thing that balances, counteracts, or compensates for something else.
  2. One thing set off or developed from something else.
  3. The start or initial stage; the outset.
  4. Architecture A ledge or recess in a wall formed by a reduction in thickness above; a setoff.
  5. Botany A shoot that develops laterally at the base of a plant, often rooting to form a new plant.
  6. Geology A spur of a mountain range or hills.
  7. A bend in a pipe, bar, or other straight continuous piece made to allow it to pass around an obstruction.
  8. A short distance measured perpendicularly from the main line in surveying, used to help in calculating the area of an irregular plot.
  9. A descendant of a race or family; an offshoot.
  10. Printing An unintentional or faulty transfer of wet ink from a printed sheet to another surface in contact with it. Also called setoff.
  11. Printing Offset printing.
  12. To counterbalance, counteract, or compensate for: fringe benefits designed to offset low salaries.
  13. Printing To cause (printed matter) to transfer or smear onto another surface.
  14. Printing To produce by offset printing.
  15. To make or form an offset in (a wall, bar, or pipe).
  16. To develop, project, or be situated as an offset.
  17. Printing To become marked by or cause an unintentional transfer of ink.

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× ഒരു തടസ്സം മറികടക്കുവാന്‍ കുഴലില്‍ ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്ന വളവ് - Oru Thadassam Marikadakkuvaan‍ Kuzhalil‍ Undaakkunna Valavu | Oru Thadassam Marikadakkuvan‍ Kuzhalil‍ Undakkunna Valavu
× ഒരു തടസ്സം മറികടക്കുവാൻ കുഴലിൽ ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്ന വളവ് - Oru Thadassam Marikadakkuvaan Kuzhalil Undaakkunna Valavu | Oru Thadassam Marikadakkuvan Kuzhalil Undakkunna Valavu
× ഒപ്പമാക്കുക - Oppamaakkuka | Oppamakkuka
× തളിര് - Thaliru
× തട്ടിക്കഴിക്കാനുള്ള സംഖ്യ - Thattikkazhikkaanulla Samkhya | Thattikkazhikkanulla Samkhya
× തട്ടിക്കിഴിക്കാനുളള സംഖ്യ - Thattikkizhikkaanulala Samkhya | Thattikkizhikkanulala Samkhya


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