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Having universal knowledge; knowing all things; infinitely knowing or wise; as, the omniscient God.

  1. Having total knowledge; knowing everything: an omniscient deity; the omniscient narrator.
  2. One having total knowledge.
  3. God. Used with the.

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ത്രികാലജ്ഞനായ - Thrikaalajnjanaaya | Thrikalajnjanaya ;സർവ്വജ്ഞനായ - Sarvvajnjanaaya | Sarvvajnjanaya ;എല്ലാം അറിയുന്ന - Ellaam Ariyunna | Ellam Ariyunna ;സര്‍വ്വജ്ഞനായ - Sar‍vvajnjanaaya | Sar‍vvajnjanaya ;സര്‍വ്വജ്ഞ - Sar‍vvajnja ;ക്രാന്തദര്‍ശി - Kraanthadhar‍shi | Kranthadhar‍shi ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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