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The history of the individual development of an organism; the history of the evolution of the germ; the development of an individual organism, -- in distinction from phylogeny, or evolution of the tribe. Called also henogenesis, henogeny.

  1. See ontogeny.

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അസ്ഥിവളര്‍ച്ച - Asthivalar‍cha ;കടന്നാക്രമണം - Kadannaakramanam | Kadannakramanam ;ആക്രമണം - Aakramanam | akramanam ;അസ്ഥിവളർച്ച - Asthivalarcha ;അസ്ഥ്യുത്‌പാദനം - Asthyuthpaadhanam | Asthyuthpadhanam ;


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