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Soft mud or slime; earth so wet as to flow gently, or easily yield to pressure.

  1. To flow or leak out slowly, as through small openings.
  2. To disappear or ebb slowly: His courage oozed away.
  3. To progress slowly but steadily: "Over grass bleached colorless by strong outback sun, the herd oozes forward” ( Geraldine Brooks).
  4. To exude moisture.
  5. To emit a particular essence or quality: The house oozed with charm.
  6. To give off; exude.
  7. To emit or radiate in abundance: She oozes confidence.
  8. The act of oozing.
  9. Something that oozes.
  10. An infusion of vegetable matter, as from oak bark, used in tanning.
  11. Soft mud or slime.
  12. A layer of mudlike sediment on the floor of oceans and lakes, composed chiefly of remains of microscopic sea animals.
  13. Muddy ground.

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× ഊറുക - Ooruka
× ചേര്‍ - Cher‍
× സ്രവണം - Sravanam
× ചളി - Chali
× പങ്കം - Pankam
× ചോര്‍ന്നുപോകുമാറാക്കുക - Chor‍nnupokumaaraakkuka | Chor‍nnupokumarakkuka
× ചെളി - Cheli
× സ്രവം - Sravam
× ഊറല്‍ - Ooral‍
× ചേറ് - Cheru
× വിദ്രാവണം - Vidhraavanam | Vidhravanam
× ഊറൽ - Ooral


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