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Originally, a medicine of a thicker consistence than sirup, prepared with opium.

  1. Any of various sedative narcotics containing opium or one or more of its natural or synthetic derivatives.
  2. A drug, hormone, or other chemical substance having sedative or narcotic effects similar to those containing opium or its derivatives: a natural brain opiate. Also called opioid.
  3. Something that dulls the senses and induces relaxation or torpor.
  4. Containing opium or any of its derivatives.
  5. Resembling opium or its derivatives in activity.
  6. Inducing sleep or sedation; soporific.
  7. Causing dullness or apathy; deadening.
  8. To subject to the action of an opiate.
  9. To dull or deaden as if with a narcotic drug.

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