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According to established rules or settled method; as a rule; commonly; usually; in most cases; as, a winter more than ordinarily severe.

  1. As a general rule; usually: ordinarily home by six.
  2. In the commonplace or usual manner: ordinarily dressed pedestrians on the street.
  3. To the usual extent or degree: an ordinarily small profit.

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സാമാന്യോന - Saamaanyona | Samanyona ;സാമാന്യേന - Saamaanyena | Samanyena ;പതിവായി - Pathivaayi | Pathivayi ;സാമാന്യോന - Saamaanyona | Samanyona ;സാധാരണമായി - Saadhaaranamaayi | Sadharanamayi ;ക്രമപ്രകാരം - Kramaprakaaram | Kramaprakaram ;

extra ordinarily beautiful woman മിന്നാര്‍ - extra Ordinarily Beautiful Woman Minnaar‍ | extra Ordinarily Beoutiful Woman Minnar‍ ;ആചാരക്രമപ്രകാരം - Aachaarakramaprakaaram | acharakramaprakaram ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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