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Of the nature of an outrage; exceeding the limits of right, reason, or decency; involving or doing an outrage; furious; violent; atrocious.

  1. Grossly offensive to decency or morality.
  2. Being well beyond the bounds of good taste: outrageous epithets.
  3. Having no regard for morality.
  4. Violent or unrestrained in temperament or behavior.
  5. Extremely unusual or unconventional; extraordinary: loved to dress in outrageous clothing; found some outrageous bargains.
  6. Being beyond all reason; extravagant or immoderate: spends an outrageous amount on entertainment.

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മര്യാദലംഘനമായ - Maryaadhalamghanamaaya | Maryadhalamghanamaya ;അതിക്രമമായ - Athikramamaaya | Athikramamaya ;കൊടിയ - Kodiya ;മര്യാദാലംഘിയായ - Maryaadhaalamghiyaaya | Maryadhalamghiyaya ;കഠോരമായ - Kadoramaaya | Kadoramaya ;അരോചകമായ - Arochakamaaya | Arochakamaya ;

നിഷ്‌ഠുരമായ - Nishduramaaya | Nishduramaya ;അഹിതകരമായ - Ahithakaramaaya | Ahithakaramaya ;നിഷ്ഠുരമായ - Nishduramaaya | Nishduramaya ;അന്യായമായ - Anyaayamaaya | Anyayamaya ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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