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Separated; devided.

  1. Separated or divided into parts.
  2. Being or kept apart; separated.
  3. Botany Cleft almost to the base, so as to have distinct divisions or lobes.
  4. Archaic Deceased.

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× അംഗം - Amgam
× ഭാഗം - Bhaagam | Bhagam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Acts 15:39

Then the contention became so sharp that they parted from one another. And so Barnabas took Mark and sailed to Cyprus;

പൗലൊസോ ശീലാസിനെ തിരഞ്ഞെടുത്തു സഹോദരന്മാരാൽ കർത്താവിന്റെ കൃപയിൽ ഭരമേല്പിക്കപ്പെട്ടിട്ടു

Genesis 2:10

Now a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from there it parted and became four riverheads.

തോട്ടം നനെപ്പാൻ ഒരു നദി ഏദെനിൽനിന്നു പുറപ്പെട്ടു; അതു അവിടെനിന്നു നാലു ശാഖയായി പിരിഞ്ഞു.

Luke 24:51

Now it came to pass, while He blessed them, that He was parted from them and carried up into heaven.


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