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Permission to pass; a document given by the competent officer of a state, permitting the person therein named to pass or travel from place to place, without molestation, by land or by water.

  1. An official government document that certifies one's identity and citizenship and permits a citizen to travel abroad.
  2. An official permit issued by a foreign country allowing one to transport goods or to travel through that country.
  3. An official document issued by an allied foreign government to a ship, especially a neutral merchant ship in time of war, authorizing it to enter and travel through certain waters freely.
  4. Something that gives one the right or privilege of passage, entry, or acceptance: Hard work was her passport to success.

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× അന്യരാജ്യത്തുപോകാനുള്ള അനുമതി പത്രം - Anyaraajyaththupokaanulla Anumathi Pathram | Anyarajyathupokanulla Anumathi Pathram
× അന്യരാജ്യത്തു പോകാനുള്ള അനുമതിപത്രം - Anyaraajyaththu Pokaanulla Anumathipathram | Anyarajyathu Pokanulla Anumathipathram
× യാത്രാനുവാദപത്രം - Yaathraanuvaadhapathram | Yathranuvadhapathram
× നേട്ടമോ പ്രവേശനമോ ഉറപ്പാക്കുന്ന അനുമതിപത്രം - Nettamo Praveshanamo Urappaakkunna Anumathipathram | Nettamo Praveshanamo Urappakkunna Anumathipathram
× സഞ്ചാരാനുവാദപത്രം - Sanchaaraanuvaadhapathram | Sancharanuvadhapathram
× പാസ്പോർട്ട് - Paasporttu | Pasporttu
× പെസഹാ - Pesahaa | Pesaha


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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