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Work composed of pieces sewed together, esp. pieces of various colors and figures; hence, anything put together of incongruous or ill-adapted parts; something irregularly clumsily composed; a thing putched up.

  1. Needlework consisting of varicolored patches of material sewn together, as in a quilt.
  2. A collection of miscellaneous or incongruous parts; a jumble.

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× കൂട്ടിത്തുന്നൽ - Koottiththunnal | Koottithunnal
× താല്‍ക്കാലികമായ കേടുപോക്കല്‍ - Thaal‍kkaalikamaaya Kedupokkal‍ | Thal‍kkalikamaya Kedupokkal‍
× ഉപായപ്പണി - Upaayappani | Upayappani
× കൂട്ടിത്തുന്നല്‍ - Koottiththunnal‍ | Koottithunnal‍
× താൽക്കാലികമായ കേടുപോക്കൽ - Thaalkkaalikamaaya Kedupokkal | Thalkkalikamaya Kedupokkal


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