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A small dish, pan, or vase.

  1. A flat triangular bone located at the front of the knee joint. Also called kneecap.
  2. A dish-shaped anatomical formation.
  3. A pan or dish in ancient Rome.

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മുട്ടുചിരട്ട - Muttuchiratta ;കാൽമുട്ടിലെ ചിരട്ട - Kaalmuttile Chiratta | Kalmuttile Chiratta ;മുട്ട് ചിരട്ട (കാല്‍ ) - Muttu Chiratta (kaal‍ ) | Muttu Chiratta (kal‍ ) ;ജാന്വസ്ഥി - Jaanvasthi | Janvasthi ;കാല്‍മുട്ടിലെ ചിരട്ട - Kaal‍muttile Chiratta | Kal‍muttile Chiratta ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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