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Special countenance or support; favor, encouragement, or aid, afforded to a person or a work; as, the patronage of letters; patronage given to an author.

  1. The support or encouragement of a patron, as for an institution or cause.
  2. Support or encouragement proffered in a condescending manner: Our little establishment has finally been deemed worthy of the bank's patronage.
  3. The trade given to a commercial establishment by its customers: Shopkeepers thanked Christmas shoppers for their patronage.
  4. Customers or patrons considered as a group; clientele: The grand old hotel has a loyal but demanding patronage.
  5. The power to distribute or appoint people to governmental or political positions.
  6. The act of distributing or appointing people to such positions.
  7. The positions so distributed or filled.
  8. The right to grant an ecclesiastical benefice to a member of the clergy.

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× രക്ഷാധികാരി നല്‍കുന്ന സഹായമോ പിന്‍ബലമോ - Rakshaadhikaari Nal‍kunna Sahaayamo Pin‍balamo | Rakshadhikari Nal‍kunna Sahayamo Pin‍balamo
× പുരസ്കാരം - Puraskaaram | Puraskaram
× രക്ഷാധികാരം - Rakshaadhikaaram | Rakshadhikaram
× രക്ഷാകര്‍ത്തൃത്വം - Rakshaakar‍ththruthvam | Rakshakar‍thruthvam
× ഉപകാരം - Upakaaram | Upakaram
× സംഭാവന - Sambhaavana | Sambhavana
× രക്ഷാധികാരി - Rakshaadhikaari | Rakshadhikari
× പരിലാളനം - Parilaalanam | Parilalanam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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