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A species of hickory (Carya olivæformis), growing in North America, chiefly in the Mississippi valley and in Texas, where it is one of the largest of forest trees; also, its fruit, a smooth, oblong nut, an inch or an inch and a half long, with a thin shell and well-flavored meat.

  1. A deciduous tree (Carya illinoinensis) of the central and southern United States, having deeply furrowed bark, pinnately compound leaves, and edible nuts.
  2. The smooth, thin-shelled oval nut of this tree.

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× അക്രൂട്ട് (യു.എസിൽ കാണപ്പെടുന്ന ഒരു മരം) - Akroottu (yu. Esil Kaanappedunna Oru Maram) | Akroottu (yu. Esil Kanappedunna Oru Maram)


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