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A payment; a tribute; something paid or given.

  1. A sum of money paid regularly as a retirement benefit or by way of patronage.
  2. To grant a pension to.
  3. To retire or dismiss with a pension: "Some French farmers suggest that the Government pension off the older and less efficient farmers” ( E.J. Dionne, Jr.)
  4. A boarding house or small hotel in Europe: "A pension had somewhat less to offer than a hotel; it was always smaller, and never elegant; it sometimes offered breakfast, and sometimes not” ( John Irving).
  5. Accommodations or the payment for accommodations, especially at a boarding house or small hotel in Europe.
  6. Room and board.

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× വാർധക്യകാലവേതനം - Vaardhakyakaalavethanam | Vardhakyakalavethanam
× പെൻഷൻ - Penshan
× വാര്‍ധക്യകാലവേതനം - Vaar‍dhakyakaalavethanam | Var‍dhakyakalavethanam
× അടത്തൂണ്‍ - Adaththoon‍ | Adathoon‍
× ജീവിതഭോഗം - Jeevithabhogam
× പേന - Pena
× അടുത്തൂണ്‍ - Aduththoon‍ | Aduthoon‍
× എഴുതുക - Ezhuthuka
× വാര്‍ദ്ധക്യകാലശമ്പളം - Vaar‍ddhakyakaalashampalam | Var‍dhakyakalashampalam
× ഫ്രാന്‍സിലും മറ്റുമുള്ള ചെറുകിട സ്വകാര്യഹോട്ടല്‍ - Phraan‍silum Mattumulla Cherukida Svakaaryahottal‍ | Phran‍silum Mattumulla Cherukida swakaryahottal‍


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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