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A certain rate per cent; the allowance, duty, rate of interest, discount, or commission, on a hundred.

  1. A fraction or ratio with 100 understood as the denominator; for example, 0.98 equals a percentage of 98.
  2. The result obtained by multiplying a quantity by a percent.
  3. A proportion or share in relation to a whole; a part: The hecklers constituted only a small percentage of the audience.
  4. An amount, such as an allowance, duty, or commission, that varies in proportion to a larger sum, such as total sales: work for a percentage.
  5. Informal Advantage; gain: There is no percentage in work without pay.

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× ശതമാനക്കണക്ക്‌ - Shathamaanakkanakku | Shathamanakkanakku
× ശതമാനക്കണക്ക് - Shathamaanakkanakku | Shathamanakkanakku
× അംശം - Amsham
× ശതമാനം - Shathamaanam | Shathamanam
× പ്രതിശതദേയം - Prathishathadheyam


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