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Any small marine gastropod shell of the genus Littorina. The common European species (Littorina littorea), in Europe extensively used as food, has recently become naturalized abundantly on the American coast. See Littorina.

  1. Any of several small, often edible marine snails, especially of the genus Littorina, having thick, cone-shaped, whorled shells.
  2. The shell of any of the periwinkles.
  3. Any of several shrubby, trailing, evergreen plants of the genus Vinca, especially V. minor, having glossy, dark green, opposite leaves and flowers with a blue, funnel-shaped corolla. Also called myrtle.
  4. Any of several erect herbs of the genus Catharanthus, especially C. roseus, having flowers with a rose-pink or white salverform corolla and a closed throat.
  5. A pale purplish blue.

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× പടരുന്ന ഒരിനം കാട്ടുചെടി - Padarunna Orinam Kaattuchedi | Padarunna Orinam Kattuchedi


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