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The opinion or doctrine that everything in nature is ordered for or tends to the worst, or that the world is wholly evil; -- opposed to optimism.

  1. A tendency to stress the negative or unfavorable or to take the gloomiest possible view: "We have seen too much defeatism, too much pessimism, too much of a negative approach” ( Margo Jones).
  2. The doctrine or belief that this is the worst of all possible worlds and that all things ultimately tend toward evil.
  3. The doctrine or belief that the evil in the world outweighs the good.

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× നൈരാശ്യവാദം - Nairaashyavaadham | Nairashyavadham
× വിഷാദാത്മക്ത്വം - Vishaadhaathmakthvam | Vishadhathmakthvam
× ദുഃഖൈകദര്‍ശനം - Dhuakhaikadhar‍shanam
× അശുഭാപാതിവിശ്വാസം - Ashubhaapaathivishvaasam | Ashubhapathivishvasam
× അശുഭാപതിവിശ്വാസം - Ashubhaapathivishvaasam | Ashubhapathivishvasam
× ദോഷചിന്ത - Dhoshachintha
× അശുഭാപ്തിവിശ്വാസം - Ashubhaapthivishvaasam | Ashubhapthivishvasam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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