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Word :   Petunia  [Was It പെടുനിയ, പെറ്റുനിഅ, പേടുനിയ, പെറുനിയ, പെട്‌നിയ ?]
English Meaning :  A genus of solanaceous herbs with funnelform or salver-shaped corollas. Two species are common in cultivation, Petunia violacera, with reddish purple flowers, and P. nyctaginiflora, with white flowers. There are also many hybrid forms with variegated corollas. 
  1. Any of various widely cultivated South American plants of the genus Petunia, having alternate, entire leaves and funnel-shaped flowers in colors from white to purple.
  2. A moderate to dark purple.

Malayalam Meaning
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: ഒരിനംചെടി - Orinamchedi ; ഒരിനംചെടി - Orinamchedi ; ശുണ്ഠി - Shundi


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asterid dicot genus

Cross Reference - പരാമര്‍ശം


Same Context - ഒരേ സാഹചര്യം

Calceolaria, Cris, marguerite, zinnia, bloodstone, poofy, wi-fi, neroli, asphodel, heliotrope

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