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Of or pertaining to philately.

  1. of or relating to philately or of interest to philatelists

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തപാൽ മുദ്രാശേഖരണപരമായ - Thapaal Mudhraashekharanaparamaaya | Thapal Mudhrashekharanaparamaya ;പ്രതിഭാസം - Prathibhaasam | Prathibhasam ;സ്‌റ്റാമ്പു സംബന്ധമായ - Sttaampu Sambandhamaaya | Sttampu Sambandhamaya ;തപാല്‍ മുദ്രാശേഖരണപരമായ - Thapaal‍ Mudhraashekharanaparamaaya | Thapal‍ Mudhrashekharanaparamaya ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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