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To throw; to pitch.

  1. To select from a group: The best swimmer was picked.
  2. To select or cull.
  3. To gather in; harvest: They were picking cotton.
  4. To gather the harvest from: picked the field in one day.
  5. To remove the outer covering of; pluck: pick a chicken clean of feathers.
  6. To tear off bit by bit: pick meat from the bones.
  7. To remove extraneous matter from (the teeth).
  8. To poke and pull at (something) with the fingers.
  9. To break up, separate, or detach by means of a sharp pointed instrument.
  10. To pierce or make (a hole) with a sharp pointed instrument.
  11. To take up (food) with the beak; peck: The parrot picked its seed.
  12. To steal the contents of: My pocket was picked.
  13. To open (a lock) without the use of a key.
  14. To provoke: pick a fight.
  15. Music To pluck (an instrument's strings).
  16. Music To play (an instrument) by plucking its strings.
  17. Music To play (a tune) in this manner: picked a melody out on the guitar.
  18. To decide with care or forethought.
  19. To work with a pick.
  20. To find fault or make petty criticisms; carp: He's always picking about something.
  21. To be harvested or gathered: The ripe apples picked easily.
  22. The act of picking, especially with a sharp pointed instrument.
  23. The act of selecting or choosing; choice: got first pick of the desserts.
  24. Something selected as the most desirable; the best or choicest part: the pick of the crop.
  25. The amount or quantity of a crop that is picked by hand.
  26. Basketball A screen.
  27. pick apart To refute or find flaws in by close examination: The lawyer picked the testimony apart.
  28. pick at To pluck or pull at, especially with the fingers.
  29. pick at To eat sparingly or without appetite: The child just picked at the food.
  30. pick at Informal To nag: Don't pick at me.
  31. pick off To shoot after singling out: The hunter picked the ducks off one by one.
  32. pick off Baseball To catch (a base runner) off base and put out with a quick throw, as from the pitcher or catcher, often to a specified base.
  33. pick off Sports To intercept, as a football pass.
  34. pick on To tease or bully.
  35. pick out To choose or select: picked out a nice watch.
  36. pick out To discern from the surroundings; distinguish: picked out their cousins from the crowd.
  37. pick over To sort out or examine item by item: picked over the grapes before buying them.
  38. pick up To take up (something) by hand: pick up a book.
  39. pick up To collect or gather: picked up some pebbles.
  40. pick up To tidy up: picked up the bedroom.
  41. pick up To take on (passengers or freight, for example): The bus picks up commuters at five stops.
  42. pick up To acquire casually or by accident: picked up a new coat on sale.
  43. pick up To acquire (knowledge) by learning or experience: picked up French quickly.
  44. pick up To claim: picked up her car at the repair shop.
  45. pick up To buy: picked up some milk at the store.
  46. pick up To accept (a bill or charge) in order to pay it: Let me pick up the tab.
  47. pick up To come down with (a disease): picked up a virus at school.
  48. pick up To gain: picked up five yards on that play.
  49. pick up Informal To take into custody: The agents picked up six smugglers.
  50. pick up Slang To make casual acquaintance with, usually in anticipation of sexual relations.
  51. pick up To come upon and follow: The dog picked up the scent.
  52. pick up To come upon and observe: picked up two submarines on sonar.
  53. pick up To continue after a break: Let's pick up the discussion after lunch.
  54. pick up Informal To improve in condition or activity: Sales picked up last fall.
  55. pick up Slang To prepare a sudden departure: She just picked up and left.
  56. pick and choose To select with great care.
  57. pick holes in To seek and discover flaws or a flaw in: picked holes in the argument.
  58. pick (one's) way To find passage and make careful progress through it: picked her way down the slope.
  59. pick (someone) to pieces To criticize sharply.
  60. pick up on Informal To take into the mind and understand, typically with speed: is quick to pick up on new computer skills.
  61. pick up on Informal To notice: picked up on my roommate's bad mood and left him alone.
  62. A tool for breaking hard surfaces, consisting of a curved bar sharpened at both ends and fitted to a long handle.
  63. Something, such as an ice pick, toothpick, or picklock, used for picking.
  64. A long-toothed comb, usually designed for use on curly hair.
  65. A pointed projection on the front of the blade of a figure skate.
  66. Music A plectrum.
  67. A weft thread in weaving.
  68. A passage or throw of the shuttle in a loom.
  69. To throw (a shuttle) across a loom.
  70. Archaic To cast; pitch.

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× പല്ലുകുത്തി - Pallukuththi | Pallukuthi
× കൊത്തിപ്പറിക്കുക - Koththipparikkuka | Kothipparikkuka
× കുത്തിയെടുക്കുക - Kuththiyedukkuka | Kuthiyedukkuka
× വെടിപ്പായി ചെയ്യുക - Vedippaayi Cheyyuka | Vedippayi Cheyyuka
× മുന - Muna
× തുളയുണ്ടാക്കുക - Thulayundaakkuka | Thulayundakkuka
× ആരായുക - Aaraayuka | arayuka
× pick axe 1. കൂന്താലി    2. കുഠാരം - pick Axe 1. Koonthaali    2. Kudaaram | pick Axe 1. Koonthali    2. Kudaram
× കൊത്തിത്തിന്നുക - Koththiththinnuka | Kothithinnuka
× വരണം - Varanam
× an ear pick ചെവിത്തോണ്ടി - an Ear Pick Cheviththondi | an Ear Pick Chevithondi
× കൊത്തിതിന്നുക - Koththithinnuka | Kothithinnuka
× tooth pick 1. പല്ലുകുത്തി    2. ദന്തശോധനി - tooth Pick 1. Pallukuththi    2. Dhanthashodhani | tooth Pick 1. Pallukuthi    2. Dhanthashodhani
× കൂര്‍ത്ത പല്ലുളി - Koor‍ththa Palluli | Koor‍tha Palluli
× ഉത്തമാംശം - Uththamaamsham | Uthamamsham
× സൂചി - Soochi
× കൂന്താലി - Koonthaali | Koonthali
× പിക്കാസ് - Pikkaasu | Pikkasu
× തിരഞ്ഞെടുപ്പവകാശം - Thiranjeduppavakaasham | Thiranjeduppavakasham
× pick pocket പശ്യതോഹരന്‍ - pick Pocket Pashyathoharan‍
× കട്ടപ്പാര - Kattappaara | Kattappara
× വിശിഷ്‌ടഭാഗം - Vishishdabhaagam | Vishishdabhagam
× കത്തി - Kaththi | Kathi
× പുതുതായി ബലം നേടുക - Puthuthaayi Balam Neduka | Puthuthayi Balam Neduka
× ചികയുക - Chikayuka
× a pick axe കൂന്താണി - a Pick Axe Koonthaani | a Pick Axe Koonthani


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Numbers 16:37

"Tell Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, to pick up the censers out of the blaze, for they are holy, and scatter the fire some distance away.

പുരോഹിതനായ അഹരോന്റെ മകൻ എലെയാസാരിനോടു അവൻ എരിതീയുടെ ഇടയിൽനിന്നു ധൂപകലശങ്ങൾ എടുപ്പാൻ പറക; അവ വിശുദ്ധമാകുന്നു; തീ അങ്ങോട്ടു തട്ടിക്കളകയും ചെയ്ക;

Proverbs 30:17

The eye that mocks his father, And scorns obedience to his mother, The ravens of the valley will pick it out, And the young eagles will eat it.

അപ്പനെ പരിഹസിക്കയും അമ്മയെ അനുസരിക്കാതിരിക്കയും ചെയ്യുന്ന കണ്ണിനെ തോട്ടരികത്തെ കാക്ക കൊത്തിപ്പറിക്കയും കഴുകിൻ കുഞ്ഞുകൾ തിന്നുകയും ചെയ്യും.


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