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To peen.

  1. A short, straight, stiff piece of wire with a blunt head and a sharp point, used especially for fastening.
  2. Something, such as a safety pin, that resembles such a piece of wire in shape or use.
  3. A whit; a jot: didn't care a pin about the matter.
  4. A slender, usually cylindrical piece of wood or metal for holding or fastening parts together, or serving as a support for suspending one thing from another, as:
  5. A thin rod for securing the ends of fractured bones.
  6. A peg for fixing the crown to the root of a tooth.
  7. A cotter pin.
  8. The part of a key stem entering a lock.
  9. Music One of the pegs securing the strings and regulating their tension on a stringed instrument.
  10. Nautical A belaying pin.
  11. Nautical A thole pin.
  12. An ornament fastened to clothing by means of a clasp.
  13. A rolling pin.
  14. Sports One of the wooden clubs at which the ball is aimed in bowling.
  15. Sports A flagstick.
  16. Sports See fall.
  17. Informal The legs: spry for his age, and steady on his pins.
  18. Electronics A lead on a device that plugs into a socket to connect the device to a system.
  19. Computer Science Any of the pegs on the platen of a printer, which engage holes at the edges of paper.
  20. Computer Science Any of the styluses that form a dot matrix on a printer.
  21. Computer Science Any of the small metal prongs at the end of a connector that fit into the holes in a port.
  22. To fasten or secure with or as if with a pin or pins.
  23. To transfix.
  24. To place in a position of trusting dependence: He pinned his faith on an absurdity.
  25. To hold fast; immobilize: The passenger was pinned under the wreckage of the truck.
  26. Sports To win a fall from in wrestling.
  27. To give (a woman) a fraternity pin in token of attachment.
  28. Having a grain suggestive of the heads of pins. Used of leather.
  29. pin down To fix or establish clearly: was finally able to pin down the cause of the disease.
  30. pin down To force (someone) to give firm opinions or precise information: The reporter pinned the governor down on the issue of capital punishment.
  31. pin on To attribute (a crime) to (someone): The murder was pinned on the wrong suspect.

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× നിസ്സാരസാധനം - Nissaarasaadhanam | Nissarasadhanam
× അപലം - Apalam
× കുത്തിപ്പിടിക്കുക - Kuththippidikkuka | Kuthippidikkuka
× കീലകം - Keelakam
× ശലാകം - Shalaakam | Shalakam
× ആശ്രയിക്കുക - Aashrayikkuka | ashrayikkuka
× ഹെയര്‍പിന്‍, ഡ്രായിങ്‌പിന്‍, സേഫ്‌റ്റിപിന്‍ മുതലായവ - Heyar‍pin‍, Draayingpin‍, Sephttipin‍ Muthalaayava | Heyar‍pin‍, Drayingpin‍, Sephttipin‍ Muthalayava
× നാരായം - Naaraayam | Narayam
× മരറോളര്‍ - Mararolar‍
× ആണി - Aani | ani
× കുത്തുസൂചി - Kuththusoochi | Kuthusoochi
× കുത്തിക്കോര്‍ക്കുക - Kuththikkor‍kkuka | Kuthikkor‍kkuka
× അല്‍പകാര്യം - Al‍pakaaryam | Al‍pakaryam
× കൂട്ടിലാക്കുക - Koottilaakkuka | Koottilakkuka
× മരറോളർ - Mararolar
× മൊട്ടാണി - Mottaani | Mottani
× കാല്‍ - Kaal‍ | Kal‍
× സൂചിമുന - Soochimuna
× ആലയിലാക്കുക - Aalayilaakkuka | alayilakkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

1 Samuel 19:10

Then Saul sought to pin David to the wall with the spear, but he slipped away from Saul's presence; and he drove the spear into the wall. So David fled and escaped that night.

അപ്പോൾ ശൗൽ ദാവീദിനെ കുന്തംകൊണ്ടു ചുവരോടുചേർത്തു കുത്തുവാൻ നോക്കി; അവനോ ശൗലിന്റെ മുമ്പിൽനിന്നു മാറിക്കളഞ്ഞു. കുന്തം ചുവരിൽ തറെച്ചു; ദാവീദ് ആ രാത്രിയിൽതന്നേ ഔടിപ്പോയി രക്ഷപ്പെട്ടു.

1 Samuel 18:11

And Saul cast the spear, for he said, "I will pin David to the wall!" But David escaped his presence twice.

ദാവീദിനെ ചുവരോടുചേർത്തു കുത്തുവാൻ വിചാരിച്ചുകൊണ്ടു ശൗൽ കുന്തം ചാടി; എന്നാൽ ദാവീദ് രണ്ടു പ്രാവശ്യം അവന്റെ മുമ്പിൽനിന്നു മാറിക്കളഞ്ഞു.


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