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A wind instrument of music, consisting of a tube or tubes of straw, reed, wood, or metal; any tube which produces musical sounds; as, a shepherd's pipe; the pipe of an organ.

  1. A hollow cylinder or tube used to conduct a liquid, gas, or finely divided solid.
  2. A section or piece of such a tube.
  3. A device for smoking, consisting of a tube of wood, clay, or other material with a small bowl at one end.
  4. An amount of smoking material, such as tobacco, needed to fill the bowl of a pipe; a pipeful.
  5. Informal A tubular part or organ of the body.
  6. Informal The passages of the human respiratory system.
  7. A wine cask having a capacity of 126 gallons or 2 hogsheads (478 liters).
  8. This volume as a unit of liquid measure.
  9. Music A tubular wind instrument, such as a flute.
  10. Music Any of the tubes in an organ.
  11. Music A small wind instrument, consisting of tubes of different lengths bound together.
  12. Music A bagpipe.
  13. Informal The vocal cords; the voice, especially as used in singing.
  14. A birdcall.
  15. Nautical A whistle used for signaling crew members: a boatswain's pipe.
  16. Geology A vertical cylindrical vein of ore.
  17. Geology One of the vertical veins of eruptive origin in which diamonds are found in South Africa.
  18. Geology An eruptive passageway opening into the crater of a volcano.
  19. Metallurgy A cone-shaped cavity in a steel ingot, formed during cooling by escaping gases.
  20. To convey (liquid or gas) by means of pipes.
  21. To convey as if by pipes, especially to transmit by wire or cable: piped music into the store.
  22. To provide with pipes or connect with pipes.
  23. To play (a tune) on a pipe or pipes.
  24. To lead by playing on pipes.
  25. Nautical To signal (crew members) with a boatswain's pipe.
  26. Nautical To receive aboard or mark the departure of by sounding a boatswain's pipe.
  27. To utter in a shrill reedy tone.
  28. To furnish (a garment or fabric) with piping.
  29. To force through a pastry tube, as frosting onto a cake.
  30. Slang To take a look at; notice.
  31. To play on a pipe.
  32. To speak shrilly; make a shrill sound.
  33. To chirp or whistle, as a bird does.
  34. Nautical To signal the crew with a boatswain's pipe.
  35. Metallurgy To develop conical cavities during solidification.
  36. pipe down Slang To stop talking; be quiet.
  37. pipe up To speak up.

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× കാറ്റൂതുക - Kaattoothuka | Kattoothuka
× കുഴൽവാദ്യം - Kuzhalvaadhyam | Kuzhalvadhyam
× ഭക്ത്യാ - Bhakthyaa | Bhakthya
× സ്വരഭേദം - Svarabhedham | swarabhedham
× കുഴല്‍ - Kuzhal‍
× കുഴലൂതുക - Kuzhaloothuka
× പുകവലിക്കാനുള്ള കുഴല്‍ - Pukavalikkaanulla Kuzhal‍ | Pukavalikkanulla Kuzhal‍
× ശ്വാസനാളം - Shvaasanaalam | Shvasanalam
× കൂകുക - Kookuka
× പക്ഷിസ്വരം - Pakshisvaram | Pakshiswaram
× കുഴല്‍വാദ്യം - Kuzhal‍vaadhyam | Kuzhal‍vadhyam
× ചൂളം വിളി - Choolam Vili
× പാടുക - Paaduka | Paduka
× പുകവലിക്കാനുള്ള കുഴൽ - Pukavalikkaanulla Kuzhal | Pukavalikkanulla Kuzhal
× പുല്ലാങ്കുഴല്‍ - Pullaankuzhal‍ | Pullankuzhal‍
× കെണിയുടെ പ്രവേശനദ്വാരം - Keniyude Praveshanadhvaaram | Keniyude Praveshanadhvaram
× പ്രണാളി - Pranaali | Pranali
× പ്രണാളം - Pranaalam | Pranalam
× നാഡം - Naadam | Nadam
× നാളം - Naalam | Nalam


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