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A fixed pin or short axis, on the end of which a wheel or other body turns.

  1. A short rod or shaft on which a related part rotates or swings.
  2. A person or thing on which something depends or turns; the central or crucial factor.
  3. The act of turning on or as if on a pivot.
  4. Basketball A position taken by an offensive player usually facing away from the basket near the foul line to relay passes, attempt a shot, or set screens.
  5. Basketball The stationary foot around which the ball handler is allowed to pivot without dribbling.
  6. To mount on, attach by, or provide with a pivot or pivots.
  7. To cause to rotate, revolve, or turn.
  8. To turn on or as if on a pivot: "The plot . . . lacks direction, pivoting on Hamlet's incertitude” ( G. Wilson Knight).

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× മുളയാണി - Mulayaani | Mulayani
× അക്ഷം - Aksham
× സാരഭാഗം - Saarabhaagam | Sarabhagam
× ആധാരം - Aadhaaram | adharam
× ചുഴിയാണി - Chuzhiyaani | Chuzhiyani
× pivot axis ഭ്രമരാധാരം - pivot Axis Bhramaraadhaaram | pivot Axis Bhramaradharam
× ഭ്രമണാധാരം - Bhramanaadhaaram | Bhramanadharam
× pivot of a door ചുഴിക്കുറ്റി - pivot Of A Door Chuzhikkutti
× അനുശോചനം - Anushochanam
× അവലംബമാക്കുക - Avalambamaakkuka | Avalambamakkuka
× കരുണ - Karuna


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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