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Formerly, a body of men who fired together; also, a small square body of soldiers to strengthen the angles of a hollow square.

  1. A subdivision of a company of troops consisting of two or more squads or sections and usually commanded by a lieutenant.
  2. A group of people working, traveling, or assembled together: a platoon of firefighters; buses carrying platoons of tourists.
  3. Sports A group of players within a team, especially a football team, that is trained and sent into or withdrawn from play as a unit: the defensive platoon.
  4. To play (a player) in alternation with another player in the same position: platooned the two catchers.
  5. To use alternate players at the same position.
  6. To take turns playing a position with another player.

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× കുപ്പിണിയുടെ നാലിലൊന്ന്‌ - Kuppiniyude Naalilonnu | Kuppiniyude Nalilonnu
× കുപ്പിണിയുടെ നാലിലൊന്ന് - Kuppiniyude Naalilonnu | Kuppiniyude Nalilonnu
× പ്ലാറ്റിനം - Plaattinam | Plattinam
× കുപ്പിണിയുടെ നാലിലൊന്ന്‌ - Kuppiniyude Naalilonnu | Kuppiniyude Nalilonnu
× ഒരു സേനാവിഭാഗം - Oru Senaavibhaagam | Oru Senavibhagam


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