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In classical architecture, a vertically faced member immediately below the circular base of a column; also, the lowest member of a pedestal; hence, in general, the lowest member of a base; a sub-base; a block upon which the moldings of an architrave or trim are stopped at the bottom. See Illust. of Column.

  1. A block or slab on which a pedestal, column, or statue is placed.
  2. The base block at the intersection of the baseboard and the vertical trim around an opening.
  3. A continuous course of stones supporting a wall. Also called plinth course.
  4. A square base, as for a vase.

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തൂൺതറ - Thoonthara ;ഒരു പ്രതിമ - Oru Prathima ;തൂണിൻറെ അടിക്കെട്ട് - Thooninre Adikkettu ;തൂണ്‍തറ - Thoon‍thara ;അടിത്തറ - Adiththara | Adithara ;സ്‌തംഭപാദം - Sthambhapaadham | Sthambhapadham ;

ഭിത്തി മൂലം - Bhiththi Moolam | Bhithi Moolam ;തൂണിന്‍റെ അടിക്കെട്ട് - Thoonin‍re Adikkettu ;സ്തംഭപാദം - Sthambhapaadham | Sthambhapadham ;അസ്ഥിവാരം - Asthivaaram | Asthivaram ;അടിത്തറയുടെ ചതുരം - Adiththarayude Chathuram | Aditharayude Chathuram ;


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