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More than perfect; past perfect; -- said of the tense which denotes that an action or event was completed at or before the time of another past action or event.

  1. Of or being a verb tense used to express action completed before a specified or implied past time.
  2. More than perfect; supremely accomplished; ideal: "He has won a reputation as [a] pluperfect bureaucrat” ( New York Times).
  3. The pluperfect tense, formed in English with the past participle of a verb and the auxiliary had, as had learned in the sentence He had learned to type by the end of the semester. Also called past perfect.
  4. A verb or form in the pluperfect tense.

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× തടിച്ച - Thadicha
× മാംസളമായ - Maamsalamaaya | Mamsalamaya
× സരളമായ - Saralamaaya | Saralamaya
× പൂര്‍ണ്ണ ഭൂതകാലവാചകമായ - Poor‍nna Bhoothakaalavaachakamaaya | Poor‍nna Bhoothakalavachakamaya
× പോയി - Poyi


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