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Containing, or made up, of, several languages; as, a polyglot lexicon, Bible.

  1. Speaking, writing, written in, or composed of several languages.
  2. A person having a speaking, reading, or writing knowledge of several languages.
  3. A book, especially a Bible, containing several versions of the same text in different languages.
  4. A mixture or confusion of languages.

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ബഹുഭാഷകളായ - Bahubhaashakalaaya | Bahubhashakalaya ;ബഹുഭാഷാകളറിയുന്ന - Bahubhaashaakalariyunna | Bahubhashakalariyunna ;ബഹുഭാഷകളറിയുന്ന - Bahubhaashakalariyunna | Bahubhashakalariyunna ;പലഭാഷകളിലുള്ള - Palabhaashakalilulla | Palabhashakalilulla ;ബഹുഭാര്യാത്വം - Bahubhaaryaathvam | Bahubharyathvam ;ബഹുഭാഷിയായ - Bahubhaashiyaaya | Bahubhashiyaya ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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