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A door or gate; hence, a way of entrance or exit, especially one that is grand and imposing.

  1. A doorway, entrance, or gate, especially one that is large and imposing.
  2. An entrance or a means of entrance: the local library, a portal of knowledge.
  3. The portal vein.
  4. A website considered as an entry point to other websites, often by being or providing access to a search engine.
  5. Of or relating to the portal vein or the portal system.
  6. Of or relating to a point of entrance to an organ, especially the transverse fissure of the liver, through which the blood vessels enter.

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വാതിൽ - Vaathil | Vathil ;വാതില്‍ നട - Vaathil‍ Nada | Vathil‍ Nada ;പ്രവേശനം - Praveshanam ;വളരെ വലിയ പടി - Valare Valiya Padi ;തുറമുഖം - Thuramukham ;വാതില്‍ - Vaathil‍ | Vathil‍ ;

പ്രവേശനദ്വാരം - Praveshanadhvaaram | Praveshanadhvaram ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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