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See Posse comitatus.

  1. A group of people summoned by a sheriff to aid in law enforcement.
  2. A search party.
  3. A gang involved in crimes such as running guns and illegal narcotics trafficking.
  4. Slang A group of friends or associates.

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× പോലസുകാരുടെ സംഘം - Polasukaarude Samgham | Polasukarude Samgham
× ശക്തമായ സൈന്യം - Shakthamaaya Sainyam | Shakthamaya Sainyam
× പോലീസുകാരുടെ സംഘം - Poleesukaarude Samgham | Poleesukarude Samgham
× ഒരു സംഘം ആളുകൾ - Oru Samgham Aalukal | Oru Samgham alukal
× ജനസംഘം - Janasamgham
× ഒരു സംഘം ആളുകള്‍ - Oru Samgham Aalukal‍ | Oru Samgham alukal‍


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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