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Having determinate limitations; exactly or sharply defined or stated; definite; exact; nice; not vague or equivocal; as, precise rules of morality.

  1. Clearly expressed or delineated; definite: The victim gave a precise description of the suspect.
  2. Exact, as in performance, execution, or amount; accurate or correct: a precise measurement; a precise instrument.
  3. Strictly distinguished from others; very: at that precise moment.
  4. Distinct and correct in sound or meaning: precise pronunciation; precise prose.
  5. Conforming strictly to rule or proper form: "The setting up of this Maypole was a lamentable spectacle to the precise separatists that lived at New Plymouth” ( Thomas Morton).

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യഥാര്‍ത്ഥമായ - Yathaar‍ththamaaya | Yathar‍thamaya ;ഒരുപോലുള്ള - Orupolulla ;സൂക്ഷ്‌മമായ - Sookshmamaaya | Sookshmamaya ;കണിശമുള്ള - Kanishamulla ;യഥാതഥ - Yathaathatha | Yathathatha ;നിഷ്‌കര്‍ഷമായ - Nishkar‍shamaaya | Nishkar‍shamaya ;

ചുരുക്കം - ചുരുക്കം ;നിഷ്‌കൃഷ്‌ടമായ - Nishkrushdamaaya | Nishkrushdamaya ;കൃത്യമായാവിഷ്‌കരിച്ച - Kruthyamaayaavishkaricha | Kruthyamayavishkaricha ;യഥാർത്ഥമായ - Yathaarththamaaya | Yatharthamaya ;കൃത്യമായ - Kruthyamaaya | Kruthyamaya ;സൂക്ഷ്മമായ - Sookshmamaaya | Sookshmamaya ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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