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The act of predestinating.

  1. The act of predestining or the condition of being predestined.
  2. Theology The doctrine that God has foreordained all things, especially that God has elected certain souls to eternal salvation.
  3. Theology The divine decree foreordaining all souls to either salvation or damnation.
  4. Theology The act of God foreordaining all things gone before and to come.
  5. Destiny; fate.

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× ദൈവഹിതം - Dhaivahitham
× വിധി - Vidhi
× ഈശ്വരഹിതം - Eeshvarahitham
× ദൈവായത്തമായ - Dhaivaayaththamaaya | Dhaivayathamaya
× ദൈവവിധി - Dhaivavidhi


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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