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A previous liking; a prepossession of mind in favor of something; predisposition to choose or like; partiality.

  1. A partiality or disposition in favor of something; a preference.

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പ്രവണത - Pravanatha ;മനച്ചായ്‌വ്‌ - Manachaayvu | Manachayvu ;പക്ഷപാതം - Pakshapaatham | Pakshapatham ;ഇഷ്‌ടം അഭിരുചി - Ishdam Abhiruchi ;അഭിരുചി - Abhiruchi ;ഇഷ്ടം - Ishdam ;

പ്രത്യേകാസ്‌തി - Prathyekaasthi | Prathyekasthi ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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