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A religious house presided over by a prior or prioress; -- sometimes an offshoot of, an subordinate to, an abbey, and called also cell, and obedience. See Cell, 2.

  1. A monastery governed by a prior or a convent governed by a prioress.

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ആശ്രമം - Aashramam | ashramam ;സന്യാസിമഠം - Sanyaasimadam | Sanyasimadam ;കന്യാമഠം - Kanyaamadam | Kanyamadam ;സന്ന്യാസിമഠം - Sannyaasimadam | Sannyasimadam ;കന്യാസ്ത്രീമഠം - Kanyaasthreemadam | Kanyasthreemadam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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