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A solid whose bases or ends are any similar, equal, and parallel plane figures, and whose sides are parallelograms.

  1. A solid figure whose bases or ends have the same size and shape and are parallel to one another, and each of whose sides is a parallelogram.
  2. A transparent body of this form, often of glass and usually with triangular ends, used for separating white light passed through it into a spectrum or for reflecting beams of light.
  3. A cut-glass object, such as a pendant of a chandelier.
  4. A crystal form consisting of three or more similar faces parallel to a single axis.
  5. A medium that misrepresents whatever is seen through it.

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× ത്രിഭുജക്കണ്ണാടി - Thribhujakkannaadi | Thribhujakkannadi
× മുക്കോണക്കണ്ണാടി - Mukkonakkannaadi | Mukkonakkannadi
× സമപാര്‍ശ്വകാചം,ത്രിഭൂജക്കണ്ണാടി - Samapaar‍shvakaacham,thribhoojakkannaadi | Samapar‍shvakacham,thribhoojakkannadi
× സമപാര്‍ശ്വകാചം - Samapaar‍shvakaacham | Samapar‍shvakacham
× (ജ്യാമിതി) സ്തംഭം - (jyaamithi) Sthambham | (jyamithi) Sthambham
× ആശ്രമം - Aashramam | ashramam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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