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That prohibits; prohibitory; as, a tax whose effect is prohibitive.

  1. Prohibiting; forbidding: took prohibitive measures.
  2. So high or burdensome as to discourage purchase or use: prohibitive prices.
  3. So likely to win as to discourage competition: the prohibitive favorite to win the nomination.

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നിഷേധാത്മകമായ - Nishedhaathmakamaaya | Nishedhathmakamaya ;നിരോധനാത്മകമായ - Nirodhanaathmakamaaya | Nirodhanathmakamaya ;നിരോധിക്കുന്ന - Nirodhikkunna ;മദ്യനിരോധനവാദിയായ - Madhyanirodhanavaadhiyaaya | Madhyanirodhanavadhiyaya ;അത്യമിതമായ - Athyamithamaaya | Athyamithamaya ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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