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The ordinary language of men in speaking or writing; language not cast in poetical measure or rhythm; -- contradistinguished from verse, or metrical composition.

  1. Ordinary speech or writing, without metrical structure.
  2. Commonplace expression or quality.
  3. Roman Catholic Church A hymn of irregular meter sung before the Gospel.
  4. To write prose.
  5. To speak or write in a dull, tiresome style.

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നീരസമായ സാമാന്യത്വം - Neerasamaaya Saamaanyathvam | Neerasamaya Samanyathvam ;സത്വരഹിതഭാഷ - Sathvarahithabhaasha | Sathvarahithabhasha ;വിരസഭാഷണം - Virasabhaashanam | Virasabhashanam ;ഗദ്യം - Gadhyam ;ഗദ്യരചനകൾ - Gadhyarachanakal ;സാധാരണഭാഷ - Saadhaaranabhaasha | Sadharanabhasha ;

ഗദ്യരചനകള്‍ - Gadhyarachanakal‍ ;ഗദ്യരചന - Gadhyarachana ;വിരസ ഭാഷണം - Virasa Bhaashanam | Virasa Bhashanam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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