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One who takes the leading part in a drama; hence, one who takes lead in some great scene, enterprise, conflict, or the like.

  1. The main character in a drama or other literary work.
  2. In ancient Greek drama, the first actor to engage in dialogue with the chorus, in later dramas playing the main character and some minor characters as well.
  3. A leading or principal figure.
  4. The leader of a cause; a champion.
  5. Usage Problem A proponent; an advocate.

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പ്രധാന വക്താവ്‌ - Pradhaana Vakthaavu | Pradhana Vakthavu ;പ്രധാമന നാടൻ വീരഭടൻ - Pradhaamana Naadan Veerabhadan | Pradhamana Nadan Veerabhadan ;പ്രധാന നടന്‍ - Pradhaana Nadan‍ | Pradhana Nadan‍ ;പ്രധാന നടൻ - Pradhaana Nadan | Pradhana Nadan ;ക്ഷീണം - Ksheenam ;മുഖ്യപോരാളി - Mukhyaporaali | Mukhyaporali ;

ബലക്ഷയം - Balakshayam ;വീരഭടൻ - Veerabhadan ;പ്രക്ഷോഭകൻ - Prakshobhakan ;പ്രക്ഷോഭകന്‍ - Prakshobhakan‍ ;അഭിനായകന്‍ - Abhinaayakan‍ | Abhinayakan‍ ;വീരഭടന്‍ - Veerabhadan‍ ;മുഖ്യപാത്രം - Mukhyapaathram | Mukhyapathram ;പ്രധാമന നാടന്‍ വീരഭടന്‍ - Pradhaamana Naadan‍ Veerabhadan‍ | Pradhamana Nadan‍ Veerabhadan‍ ;മുഖ്യാപാത്രം - Mukhyaapaathram | Mukhyapathram ;അഭിനായകൻ - Abhinaayakan | Abhinayakan ;മുഖ്യപോരാളി - Mukhyaporaali | Mukhyaporali ;മുഖ്യകഥാപാത്രം - Mukhyakathaapaathram | Mukhyakathapathram ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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