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The viscid and more or less granular material of vegetable and animal cells, possessed of vital properties by which the processes of nutrition, secretion, and growth go forward; the so-called " physical basis of life;" the original cell substance, cytoplasm, cytoblastema, bioplasm sarcode, etc.

  1. The complex, semifluid, translucent substance that constitutes the living matter of plant and animal cells and manifests the essential life functions of a cell. Composed of proteins, fats, and other molecules suspended in water, it includes the nucleus and cytoplasm.

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× ജീവാങ്കുരമായ - Jeevaankuramaaya | Jeevankuramaya
× ജീവാങ്കുരം - Jeevaankuram | Jeevankuram
× പ്രാട്ടോപ്ലാസം - Praattoplaasam | Prattoplasam
× ആദിജീവകോശം - Aadhijeevakosham | adhijeevakosham
× ആദിജീവകോശം - Aadhijeevakosham | adhijeevakosham
× പ്രാട്ടോപ്ലാസം - Praattoplaasam | Prattoplasam
× പ്രഥമ ബീജം - Prathama Beejam


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